The Showdog Mission

Our mission is rooted in curating and acquiring genuine stories, shaping them into impactful feature films, episodic television, documentaries, and animation. We are committed to capturing the heart of iconic tales that deeply resonate with audiences, delivering authentic entertainment experiences.

EST. 2023

Showdog Studio is a multiplatform production company that produces high-quality programming that embodies courage and unwavering determination spanning all genres. It aims to uplift and inspire audiences through its work.

Headquartered in historic Franklin, Tennessee, the company’s mission is rooted in curating and acquiring genuine stories, shaping them into impactful feature films, episodic television, documentaries, and animation.

Showdog Studios is in development or production on several episodic and feature projects, including the genre-crossing multi-episode anthology series, Revive: Portraits of Redemption. Each episode of Revive: Portraits of Redemption features a character who confronts and conquers great challenges, deeply impacting their lives and those of the people around them.


John Attard


Award-winning VFX Artist, developer, Supervisor and Producer John Attard has been a principal figure in the visual effects community for over twenty years. His expertise in Stereo 3D production, virtual production and digital production pipeline architecture has been reflected in work done for major companies such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Nissan and Toyota. Attard has lent his expertise to some very significant blockbuster films A few of his credits include The Avengers, Gladiator, Blackhawk Down, Jungle Book, Pitch Black, Minority Report, and Holes.

Robert Harris

Executive Producer

Robert Harris is an accomplished producer, studio executive, and media consultant with over four decades of experience in the entertainment industry. He has held key leadership positions in network television, broadcasting, cable, internet, and motion pictures. Harris has played a vital role in shaping popular culture and media business models through his innovative work in traditional and new media. He has held executive positions at Universal Television, MCA’s worldwide TV operations, and was the first Vice President of Broadband Strategy for America On Line. He also served as President and Director of Imagine Films Entertainment and was involved in the development, production, and marketing of successful films such as Parenthood, Kindergarten Cop, and Backdraft, among others.

Austin Copps

Development Executive

As a Development Executive at Showdog Studio, Austin Copps plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s creative vision and guiding projects from inception to full-scale production. With a distinguished academic background, Copps holds a BFA in Motion Pictures with Honors from Belmont University. Beyond his executive role, Copps boasts a versatile artistic career, having appeared in numerous SAG-AFTRA films, notably starring alongside Reba McEntire in “Christmas in Tune.” Additionally, he demonstrates his talent and innovation as a director and screenwriter, with a portfolio of successful projects under his belt.

Kinsley Slaton

Development Executive

Kinsley Slaton, a Development Executive at Showdog Studio, seamlessly orchestrates the studio’s operations with a wealth of experience and expertise. Holding a distinguished BFA with Honors from Belmont University, she’s not only a proficient manager but also a creative powerhouse, boasting successful ventures as a writer, director, and editor in the realm of short films. Her editorial skills are exhibited through projects like CMT Hot 20 and PBS’s The Key Ingredient S2. At Showdog Studio, Kinsley’s organizational discernment and strategic foresight drive the seamless execution of every project, making her an invaluable asset in shaping captivating narratives and propelling the studio to new heights of success.

Harry Fisher

Australian Team Lead

Harry Fisher is a highly skilled individual with a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Production, and Unreal Engine. With a background in computing and a passion for cutting-edge technology, he has gained extensive experience in developing and implementing AI algorithms and systems, as well as in creating virtual production pipelines and solutions using Unreal Engine.

Bruno Maremonti

Italian Team Lead

Bruno Maremonti, born in Bari, Italy, in 1982, is a versatile 3D generalist with a diverse career spanning various industries. Graduating from IED Milan in 2003, he began his journey at “Proxima” post-production studio before transitioning to “Playstos” as a character modeler. Subsequently, he explored lighting and rendering at “More Lights” before contributing to an animated movie in Rome and “Art Five” in Genova. His trajectory led him to Los Angeles, where he studied at Gnomon School and entered the realm of television animation in Florence. After dabbling in mobile games and augmented reality, he assumed roles as a modeling and CG supervisor at “Not Just Music” in Milan. Currently, he’s a 3D generalist at “ShowDog Studios,” focusing on cutting-edge real-time technologies.